Happy Birthday to the USS Narragansett

The USS Narragansett NCC-75017 celebrated it’s 1st year of full service after it’s shakedown cruise on Stardate 201707.15 with a business meeting followed by a cookout. A good time was had by all, and the new members were memorized by the Captain’s extensive collection of memorabilia.

During the meeting, Captain Knotts introduced several new members to the ship and gave us a rundown of what has been happening with the ship. First Officer Acting Lieutenant Anzaldi went over the rank structure and how new ranks are attained, with a heavy emphasis on STARFLEET Academy (SFA). Members were advised that Officer Training School (OTS) is the minimum necessary class needed to attain higher ranks but that additional classes and participation in ship events will lead to promotions. Several members were recognized for completing classes in SFA.

The Captain and XO shared their vision of what the ship stands for, promoting the dream of Gene Roddenbery and exploring through learning new things and through experiencing new things. To that end, the Captain recommended that anyone with an idea for an away mission should provide a written proposal to be considered outlining the mission and what we would gain from experiencing it as a group. Captain Knotts shared that he wanted to go beyond just seeing a movie together as a group and dining together (which we still should do, but he would like us to do more). He would like to see us visit places nearby and explore and learn together.

It was discussed that there were several opening for Department Heads and that anyone that felt that they were qualified for the position should apply. It was pointed out that SFA has certifications for department head positions and that those would be a good way to show command that you are qualified and ready to take on the responsibility.

The Captain requested that we all take part in the online poll to select the preferred date for our meetings.

After the meeting was concluded we all enjoyed some great food prepared by our Chief of Communications, The Captain and our First Officer.

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