August Meeting of the USS Narragansett

This month’s meeting of the USS Narragansett was graciously hosted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Brunelle. The meeting began with Captain Knotts congratulating the members of the chapter on their hard work. The Captain reported that the USS Narragansett is leading the Region in recruitment and that our participation in Starfleet Academy is the biggest surge the Academy has seen in months. The Captain also explained the how our chapter works to the new and potential members who were in attendance.

Next month’s meeting will be a senior staff meeting because the Captain would like to see us send a large delegation to the Regional Conference in lieu of a large chapter meeting. Signups to attend the Regional Conference are available on the crew page.

A discussion was had around supporting members who live in other regions. After much time invested we were unable to setup a virtual link for a distant member for this meeting. As we are a meeting chapter, it was unanimously decided that rather than attempting to support virtual attendance of our meetings on a regular basis, it would be better to recommend that members who are not located in our region participate in a correspondence chapter or choose a chapter in their local area.

Lieutenant Commander Anzaldi recognized the members of the crew who have been promoted over the last month and discussed department head’s responsibilities.

Lieutenant Commander Anzaldi asked that Department Heads provide assignments to their crew members. Department heads are also responsible for providing fortnightly reports. He also reminded everyone that there are still Department Head positions available and that Department Heads earn a promotion once they complete the requirements for their position. Further promotions will happen according to the promotion schedule.

The topic of membership dues was raised to help defray the costs of running our website, our annual STARFLEET chapter fee, and other incidentals that come with running the chapter. After some discussion it was agreed that dues would be appropriate. A unanimous vote resulted in the amount for dues being set at $2 per month for all members except Jr. Cadets starting in September. We will revisit the amount of the dues as necessary.

The floor was opened to Department Heads. Lieutenant J. Taylor reminded everyone that department heads get email aliases for our domain name and asked everyone to provide bios for the website. He also asked that crew members who attend away missions provide photos and a report for the website. Lieutenant Junior Grade Gonzales said that he would setup a time to take professional headshots of members for use on the website. Lieutenant Junior Grade Dreyfus took candid photos of the meeting.

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