October 2017 Meeting of the USS Narragansett

The crew of the USS Narragansett met at headquarters on October 14th at 1300 local time, Captain Knotts presiding. The Captain gave a status of the Region report, mentioning that he has presented the other regional chapters the opportunity to have a space at RI ComicCon on November 10-12th in Providence. The RC is also proposing a Christmas Party.

Captain Knotts reported our current SFI crew strength at 37 members (plus 2 local members).

Ensign Chapasko reported on the upcoming Trunk-or-Treat event at CCRI on October 29th. Crew are to report at 1630 preferably in uniform.

Commander Anzaldi reported that he will be checking in with the booth during his breaks at ComicCon. He announced some decisions around rank pips, namely that Officers will use TNG era rank pips, enlisted will use Navy rank insignia, and cadets will use Coast Guard rank insignia.

Commander Anzaldi reported that the USS Narragansett is currently docked at Deep Space 9. We will be embarking on a mission to explore 4 non-federation planets and traveling at high warp (with some grumbling for the Chief Engineer) in order for the ship to arrive at Earth on Christmas Eve. On New Years Day we will be embarking on a joint mission of exploration with the Klingons.

Commander Anzaldi also tasked Lieutenant Commander J. Taylor with an overhaul of the ships computer. Taylor reported that the overhaul would be complete in short order.

Commander Anzaldi tasked Lieutenant Commander D. Taylor with compiling a report comparing the tribble we have in “stasis” with Dr. Bashir’s findings on the tribbles DS9 encountered.

Promotions since last meeting:
CMDR J. Anzaldi (Named official XO)
LTCDR J. Taylor
LTCDR D. Taylor
LT C. Brunelle
LT M. Anzaldi
LT E. Dreyfuss
LT J. Griffin
ENS M. Chapasko
ENS I. Gordon
ENS K. Scanlon
C-MCPO K. Anzaldi
C-MCPO D. Knotts

After the meeting the crew carved pumpkins. A good time was had by all.

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