February 2018 Meeting of the USS Narragansett

The February meeting of the USS Narragansett was held at the EWG Jr/Sr High Library. There were many members in attendance. CAPT Anzaldi brought the meeting to order at 1510 with FCPT Knotts presiding.

FCPT Knotts brought us up to speed on the happenings in Sol Sector Command, letting us know that the 4th Fleet currently has 7 chapters and is the largest fleet in Sol Sector Command. The USS Narragansett is being noticed throughout the sector. Captain Knotts also mentioned the opening for the position of Chief Engineer.  Any crew member interested in applying should contact CMDR J. Taylor.

CAPT Anzaldi gave us our mission overview for the month. This mission will be the largest and most complex mission that this ship has undertaken. It is a multiple point mission which will require all the departments to not only work individually, but also together to complete the overall mission goal. It promises to be a very interesting mission and all members of the crew are encouraged to participate as fully as possible. The mission briefing will be provided over secure comms as the details are classified.

FCAPT Knotts announced a plan for all the members of the ship to obtain official USS Narragansett Comm Badges.  The Official Narragansett Combadge, The Renegades Combadge with the anchor affixed to it, is available for purchase. This Combadge comes in kit form and will be painted and assembled at subsequent chapter meetings after the kits are received.

The total cost for the kit is $24.00 including shipping. When we get an accurate count of the number of badges being ordered a bulk price MAY be available. Money for the Combadge kit will be collected over the next 2 months. It is STRONGLY encouraged that EVERY crew member take part in this, if you already have a Renegades Combadge the anchor device will be added during the construction phase. Direct any questions concerning this to your Section Chief.

CMDR J. Taylor announced that at the recommendation of Communications Chief LT Dreyfus, CRMN Feldman has been placed in charge of creating a quarterly newsletter for the USS Narragansett.

Dues were collected from the members in attendance and the meeting was adjourned at 16:15.