What’s coming this fall for the USS. Narragansett

With the fall rapidly approaching, and the temperatures dropping, The Narragansett is gearing up for her fall missions.

Fist and foremost: The USS. Narragansett will be at this year’s RHODE ISLAND COMICON! we will have an away team on site to show you some of the everyday gear that come standard issue when you are a Starfleet Officer, pose for photos, talk trek, and of course, give you you’re oppertunity to join the ranks of the galaxy’s finest and become a full fledged Starfleet Officer with STARFLEET SOL SECTOR COMMAND! So come on down to the Rhode Island convention center and Dunking donuts center on Nov. 2’nd-4’th and come meet our crew.

Second order of business:

We here at the Narragansett do a ton of in club activities!! We are a very active chapter, with continuous events, gatherings, and appearances. What do we do when we are not out there on away missions? Well, we do what any other Starfleet crew does, we explore the galaxy in our sovereign class starship of course, and we are going to give everyone a way to watch us boldly go. Within the next month we will be launching a YouTube channel for our ship. We will post videos of meetings, and events, and we will be streaming our missions onboard the Narragansett in STO (Star Trek Online)  So you will be able to watch as we seek out new life and new civilizations. We will also, starting this month, have a new feature posted to the website. TRACK THE NARRAGANSETT. we will be posting our astrometric position updates directly to the page. This way you can track us as we travel the galaxy, along with current mission updates.

This in addition to us posting our duty logs so, you can see from the eyes of an officer serving on a federation ship.

Keep hailing frequencies open as we will be adding additional events and dates to our calendar as the fall season progresses.

End transmission…..