Navigation Officer’s Log

This month the ship was sent to a starbase to assess damages done by a so called comet, but upon arrival it seemed that there was damage done by photon weapons. After doing our assessment and assisting with repairs we have been ordered to go to another starbase to yet again assess some comet damage. Due to personal issues I had taken a short leave of absence and have now returned to my duties. Now that I am back I am hoping to find certain parts for the delta fliers to hopefully give them an upgrade and make them a bit more useful in the future. If I can get the correct scanner arrays we might just be able to make them useful for scouting missions, but I still need to run this by the Captain first. If I can get him to approve this endeavor then we could definitely gain some benefits. For now though I need to just sit at my controls and continue my work on some of the flight protocols to see if I can improve any of them. I may need to be in touch with engineering on some of these aspects as I should hopefully not cause any power fluctuations. Should I cause a problem, as long as I have engineering assisting me, it should be fixed quickly. First on the list is some protocols that were sent from Starfleet Command that should, in theory, help to widen our scanning range without the need for a new system. Again though I will need to consult the Captain on these first.