Second Officers Log

Apparently the Narragansett was caught in a temporal anomaly. Temporal Agent Grey reports that it resulted in an alternate timeline that was so unstable that it collapsed and we appear to have been returned to our normal timeline. We have arrived at Star-base 313 to investigate the damage done by a “rogue comet”. The damage is not consistent with a comet strike. Our scans show it was more likely a transphasic torpedo. Science also detected a temporal distortion in the area. We are investigating the damage and assisting with repairs. Medical is assisting with treatment of casualties.

This section has been deemed CLASSIFIED and has been REDACTED. Security clearance level Beta-Two.

This month we made some changes to the website to incorporate SFI and Sol Sector to the crew manifest. The new promotions schedule has been posted. I resumed managing status reports and we have begun plans for a complete overhaul for the new website. I would like to reiterate my request for all Department heads to choose an Assistant to take over in their absence.