Chief Engineer’s Log

Well, we had some unusual happenings between Engineering and the Medical Office.  My crewman, Redmond Shert, reported to me that he was feeling quite unwell.  I took one look at him and I personally escorted him to Sickbay, and informed Dr. Taylor about his sickness.

I then left to go and check on my other crewmen, who were working, once again, on the environmental controls.  Everything was going to plan there, when I was recalled to Sickbay.  Apparently, their bio bed was malfunctioning.  When I got there and checked out the bio bed, it was quite confusing.  There didn’t seem to be anything mechanically wrong with the bed!  It was then that Dr. Taylor insisted that Nurse Tribble take some samples of my blood, as well as the rest of those in Sickbay.  Turns out, we were all infected with this same virus that had taken hold of Crewman Shert.  I wasn’t feeling sick, but I could tell something was a bit off. 

Dr. Taylor quarantined the entire Sickbay at this time and requested blood samples from around the ship.  We soon found out that every person on the ship was infected!  Dr. Taylor immediately ordered Nurse Tribble to do some medical tests on Crewman Shert and proceeded to attach herself to her computer, trying to figure out what this virus was, and how to counteract it.

To my surprise, she found out that this virus could not only affect humans, but could also be transferred to machines!  This was all I needed to try and attempt to fix the bio bed, and I got right on it.   I could hear Nurse Tribble saying something about engineering, but I was head first in a bio bed and not coming up for air until I figured out the issue, I was so close!  Before long, I started feeling the effects of the virus. But I hadn’t the time to be sick as this virus had started traveling via the computer to the rest of the whole ship!

I dug in my heels and went straight to the computer system, trying to purge the virus from it, while dripping with sweat and losing control over myself.   I saw Nurse Tribble bringing out some very old medical equipment (I must remember to go and check that stuff out, it’s fascinating!) and shortly thereafter, declare that she had a fix for the virus, and it was none too soon, I could hardly move anymore.

Nurse Tribble injected Crewman Shert and there was a reaction.  An odd vapor seemed to fill the room, as though you poured water on a shuttlecraft’s engine, while it was still hot.  It was then that I lost consciousness. 

When I, and apparently the rest of those in Sickbay, came too, Crewman Shert was missing.  I went to the computer to locate him and the only response the computer gave was that he was reassigned.  Reassigned?  In the middle of all of this? 

The good news was that the whole ship was cured, but there is still this curiosity of my missing Crewman.  Red Shert, where ever you are, I hope you’re doing well.