Captain’s Log

We have embarked on a top secret mission. FCAPT Knotts and CAPT Anzaldi have been assigned to the USS Enterprise for the duration of the mission. LCDR Brunelle has been assigned to the USS Voyager. Most of the other senior staff have been assigned to other ships as well. A-CMDR Griffin is serving as my first officer. His performance thus far is impressive.

A-ENS Feldman and A-ENS Clauson are acclimating well to bridge duty. We have successfully completed an auto-destruct drill which went off without a hitch. I look forward to the challenges that lie ahead. The mission will require some significant feats of engineering balanced with significant tactical issues from this hostile area of space. I have faith that the crew will meet those challenges with the mettle I have come to expect from all who call the USS Narragansett home.

Second Officer’s Log

Monthly status reports are almost complete with one outstanding authorized extension. Duty logs have been posted. One personnel issue was dealt with resulting in a demotion. CAPT Anzaldi announced the opening for Chief Engineer. I’m looking forward to seeing many qualified applicants.

Second Officer’s Log

Updated crew roster and bios to reflect the promotions from the January meeting.  Updated CO, XO and SO pages.

Appointed to assist Captain Phelps with the S3C Academy. Completed draft of Division of Leadership – Basic Enlisted Officer Exam. Draft has initial approval from Captain Phelps and VADM Kilbey.

January Meeting of the USS Narragansett

The January meeting of the USS Narragansett was held on Saturday, January 13th at 1400. There were many members in attendance. Fleet Captain J. Knotts brought the meeting to order and welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Captain J. Anzaldi brought us up to speed on the ship’s location (New Providence) and our course in hostile territory checking on Federation outposts over the next 4 months.

FCPT Knotts announced that there had been several promotions over the past few weeks. Cadet Master Chief Petty Officer D. Knotts was promoted to Chief Warrant Officer 5 and assigned to lead the MACO team in light of CWO5 Chapasko’s leave of absence. Cadet Master Chief Petty Officer was promoted to Cadet Chief Warrant Officer 4 and assigned to be 2IC of the MACO unit.

FCAPT Knotts announced the following well deserved promotions of Members in attendance:

LTCDR -> Commander J. Taylor – Command gap promotion
LTCDR -> Commander D. Taylor – Earned Merit and Honored Service
LT -> Lieutenant Commander C. Brunelle – Earned Merit and Honored Service

CAPT Anzaldi announced the following well deserved promotions of Members not in attendance:

CRM -> Crewman 1st Class R. Lefebvre РTime in grade
CRM -> Crewman 1st Class S. Moulton – Time in grade
CRM -> Crewman 1st Class A. Harter – Time in grade
CRM -> Crewman 1st Class J. Franks – Time in grade
CAD4 -> Cadet Ensign S. Stogner – Time in grade and Notable Service
CAD-> Cadet 1st Class A. Guertin – Academic Achievement and Notable Service

All promotions come with the blessing, “May the great bird of the galaxy have mercy on your soul.”

FCPT Knotts discussed his new role as Commander of the 4th Fleet, Zone 1 (which covers the entire Eastern Time Zone) of Starfleet, Sol Sector Command which makes the USS Narragansett his flagship. The USS Narragansett is currently associated with two parent organizations. We will continue under the charter of both organizations and enjoy the benefits that both have to offer. STARFLEET has several offerings that we enjoy for a low annual membership fee, and Starfleet, Sol Sector Command is building their own programs as well with no membership dues at all. We will continue to actively participate in both organizations until such time that the membership of the chapter chooses to do otherwise.

FCPT Knotts also discussed the Chain of Command. All crew members are assigned to Departments and those departments have department heads who are there for you to ask questions of, seek advice from, and coordinate your ship activities with. While it is fine to engage the senior officers in pleasant conversation, it is not appropriate to bypass your department head and ask questions of the senior officers that should be handled by your department head. If your issue can’t be resolved by your department head, it will be forwarded up the chain of command. If you have a problem with your department head, CMDR J. Taylor or CAPT Anzaldi would be the appropriate ones to reach out to.

CMDR Taylor stated that all crew members should have received an email from him. If they have not, they should reach out to him directly to determine if there is a problem with the email address he has on file.

FCAPT Knotts is putting together a list of recommendations where uniforms and accessories can be obtained. CMDR Taylor will list them on the website in the near future.



Second Officer’s Log

Requested that all crew members provide updated bios. Details can be found in their direct message database (email).

Received updated Bios from 4 additional crew members. Added their information to the ship’s database. Will continue to add entries as crew members provide their information.

Second Officer’s Log

Updated the crew roster. Crew members who would like to transfer to another department should send a request to myself or CMDR Anzaldi.

Updated the email alias list. Crew members who have not verified their email alias should check their email for a message from Google Domains with the Subject: Please verify your email forwarding address and follow the instructions.

Chief Engineer’s Log

I have updated the computer core to support departments and duty logs. Appropriate pages and categories have been added to the page, post and menu structure.

Operations reported that low temperatures are causing stress fractures at the base of the warp nacelle pylons; structural integrity fields are at 86%. Additionally, environmental controls are experiencing difficulty maintaining comfortable temperatures.

I have repair crews working on the environmental controls. The stress fractures have been repaired and the SIF is back at 100%.