Chief Medical Officer’s Log

The past month has seen increased traffic to sickbay. As I had a bout of severe Klingon bronchitis, I was forced to engage the EMH in my absence. Never has the need for more staff in sickbay been more apparent.

CMO’s log, supplemental
I have obtained a new tribble on DS9, while simultaneously finding homes for the five “extra” creatures our Jr. Cadet son had accidentally bred. Jr. Cadet Taylor refuses to relinquish the original tribble I had been granted by the Captain for research purposes. Therefore, I will continue my (gentle) research on the newly obtained specimen. It’s a lovely, light-gray tribble with the most soothing purr… But I digress. Tribbles are fascinating creatures. I have isolated a very interesting protein from their blood that I am in the process of synthesizing for further study.
Doctor Taylor

Chief Science Officer’s Log


Week one: The year is off to a good start. Research is going well and we began the month with a detailed situation report to the Bridge Crew about a climate control issue. It shouldn’t snow aboard the ship. Engineering must have dropped the ball again.

Week Two: Whose idea was it to hold a whole crew meeting in my quarters? Oh, right. Mine. It seems that despite my multiple trips to sick bay this month, some sort of lingering illness has impeded my ability to make sound judgement. Nevertheless, the meeting was a success. New crew channels were created.

Week Three: Ugh will this pain never end? I should have known better than to mess with research into ancient Earth viruses. Some old fashioned remedies and a trip to sick bay or two should sort me out.

Week Four: While I understand that we can no longer use the spore drive technology, my research has shown some amazing results. Historical logs of the USS Discovery Crew have proved fascinating, as has ancientholodeck technology dubbed “PS-4”. It is amusing from a sociology and psychology perspective to examine what Earth inhabitants imagined other planets and races would look like, in games such as Destiny.