Chief Communications Officer’s Log

The initial draft of the newsletter has been created by CMN Feldman and submitted for approval. I recommend we use CMN Feldman’s proposed idea name the newsletter with a contest in the first issue. The initial ideas are solid and we look forward to the first issue.

<redacted> in dues was collected at the last meeting – the current chapter funds are <redacted>. Dues collection will be more consistent at future monthly meetings.

Respectfully Submitted,
LT Emily Dreyfus
Chief Communications Officer

Crewman Feldman’s Log

The February mission was a fun and challenging one created by Fleet Captain Knotts and Captain Anzaldi.  It was unique in using role play and incorporating different Trek eras.  On many levels it worked well and especially the sense of humor of the Mexican loving ship’s computer.  I may never look at a taco the same way again.

It is definitely something I would do again but I would want to see more participation by crew as that was definitely lacking. Also younger crew members who need parental permission or assistance to access the internet were limited in their participation and I would want to see some way for them to have a meaningful role.

The mission challenged all of us to think and use our knowledge of Starfleet and Star Trek as well as some common sense in order to avert catastrophe.  It forced those of us who are not logical thinkers normally to flex those muscles.

It was certainly a welcome change from routine, everyday tasks.  It was well written and choreographed from start to finish and a pleasure to be a part of.

Proudly in Service,
Crewman Tj Feldman
Communications Officer