Sol Sector Command Staff for whom the USS Narragansett serves as Flagship
Commodore J. Knotts – Sol Sector Command – Vice Chief of Staff, Fleet Commander
Commodore J. Taylor –  Sol Sector Command – Technology Director

USS Narragansett Crew – STARFLEET
Captain J. Knotts – Commanding Officer
Commander J. Taylor – Executive Officer
Commander J. Griffin – Second Officer, Chief of Operations
Commander D. Taylor – Chief Medical Officer
Commander D. Knotts – Chief Security Officer
Commander J. Anzaldi – Assistant Second Officer
Lieutenant Commander C. Brunelle – Chief Science Officer
Lieutenant Commander E. Dreyfuss – Chief Communications Officer
Lieutenant Commander K. Anzaldi – Science – MACO Team Lead
Lieutenant Commander J. Bender – Chief Engineer
Lieutenant Commander M. Giordano
Lieutenant M. Anzaldi – Administrative Leave
Lieutenant Junior Grade N. Knotts – Engineering – Engineer
Lieutenant Junior Grade R. DeMello – Medical –  Ship’s Counselor
Lieutenant Junior Grade M. Nelson – Chief Navigation Officer
Ensign  1st Class  J. Cote – Tactical
Ensign I. Gordon – Science – Asst. Chief Science Officer
Ensign J. Clauson – Security
Ensign R. Bump – Communications
Acting Ensign D. Bennett – Science
Crewman 1st Class R. Lefebvre – Security
Crewman 1st Class S. Moulton – Medical
Crewman 1st Class A. Harter – Security
Crewman 1st Class J. Franks – Science
Crewman M. Bergevine – Command
Crewman B. Hooper – Medical – Holographic Doctor
Crewman D. Darling – Command
Crewman S. Perry – Communications – Language Expert
Crewman A. Pelletier – Medical – Attending Doctor
Crewman C. Smolenski – Command
Crewman S. Lawrence – Medical
Crewman W. Munchkin – Engineering
Crewman J. Brunelle – Medical – Chef/Nutritionist
Crewman M. Berto – Science
Crewman T. Siekiera
Crewman A. Anzaldi
Crewman T. Cabral
Crewman D. Damato
Crewman D. Davis
Crewman M. Morisseau
Cadet Ensign S. Stogner – Cadet
Cadet 1st Class K. Ivon – Security
Cadet 1st Class L. Anzaldi – Engineering
Cadet A. Rainey – Security
Cadet J. Ivon – Science
Junior Cadet O. Taylor – Cadet
Junior Cadet I. Anzaldi – Cadet
Junior Cadet A. Taylor – Cadet

J. Knotts

RADM, Vice Chief of Staff, Sol Sector Command
RADM, Deputy Zone Commander Sol Sector Zone 1
RADM, Commander of the 4th and 2nd Fleet, Sol Sector Zone 1

CAPT, Commanding Officer, STARFLEET

Commodore Knotts joined STARFLEET on 201406.06. He graduated OTS Honors and OCC Distinction. His first duty assignment was crewman aboard the USS Darwin NCC-1166.

In 2015 was promoted to commander and given command of the USS Narragansett (NX-75017) a Sovereign-class starship for a 10-month shakedown cruise with the support of the USS Nelson to familiarize the crew with the new ship. Due to diligent actions above and beyond by the crew, the shakedown cruise was completed ahead of schedule at 6 months. Knotts was then promoted to Captain and the USS Narragansett was given full commission and its NCC number; NCC-75017.

In 2017-2018 Captain Knotts was appointed additional duties as the Regional Recruitment Officer for Region 15.

Awarded Red Squadron, August 2017, August 2018

In 2018 he was assigned to lead the 4th Fleet in Zone 1 and promoted to Fleet Captain by Starfleet Sol Sector Command. The USS Narragansett now serves as the flagship of the 4th Fleet.

August 2018 appointed Deputy Zone Commander of Sol Sector Zone 1 and also appointed commander of 2nd Fleet Zone 1.

October 2018 appointed Vice Chief of Staff, Starfleet Sol Sector Command and promoted to the rank of Commodore.

J. Taylor

CDRE, Technology Director, Sol Sector Command

CMDR, Executive Officer, STARFLEET

Taylor served as Chief Engineer of the USS Narragansett for 6 months before being promoted to Second Officer. He transferred to Operations shortly thereafter.

Taylor currently serves as the USS Narragansett’s webmaster and as the Assistant Director of the College of US History at STARFLEET Academy and is assisting S3C in developing their Academy. Taylor is also a licensed Amateur Radio Operator K1JST.

Taylor is also married to our Chief Medical Officer Commander D. Taylor and has two children, Junior Cadet O. Taylor and Junior Cadet A. Taylor. Their crew quarters are in Coventry, RI.

Prior to joining STARFLEET Commander Taylor worked at several planet-side educational and news organizations on Earth serving as their head of technology.

Awarded Red Squadron August 2018
Promoted to Captain and assigned to Fleet Chief of Staff’s Office as Director of Online Media/Technology Starfleet Sol Sector Command, October, 2018.
Promoted to Commodore and assigned to Earth Station Titan Engineering Services as Director of Computer and Starship/Station Technologies, Sol Sector Command, December,  2018

Commander D. Taylor
Senior Sciences Division Chief
Chief Medical Officer

Doctor Taylor hails from Betazed, but she did not spend more than a few years on her home planet throughout her life. Her parents were scientist – traveling from assignment to assignment, which made her childhood exciting, albeit occasionally lonely. She liked the stars too much to stop traveling and found her niche at Starfleet.

After a completing her residency at Starfleet Medical she immediately requested and was granted an assignment aboard the U.S.S. Narragansett alongside her husband, then Chief Taylor. It was not long before she was selected to serve as the Chief Medical Officer of the ship.

Commodore and Doctor Taylor are parents to Jr. Cadets Oliver and Alice, who like to explore new things as much as their parents.

J. Anzaldi

CMDR, Assistant Second Officer, STARFLEET

Species: Vulcan/Human
Birthplace: Earth, Rhode Island, USA
Starfleet Rank: Rear Admiral
Current Duty Assignment: Chief of Staff, Sol Sector Command
Ambassadorial Vessel: USS Narragansett NCC-75017

Born on earth in 1984 and raised in New England. The son of a army artillery Sargent from earth, and a well established language arts professor from New Vulcan.

During his time in school he was quick to enlist in the ROTC program. After such, he attended college, was married and had 4 children.

Starfleet Record

Enlisted in Starfleet on stardate 94892.46
Graduated Starfleet academy with honors on stardate 95105.87
Commissioned to serve as acting first officer aboard the USS. Narragansett NCC-75017 while completing advanced studies and officer’s command college
Graduated officers command college on stardate 95105.87
Promoted to Commander and commissioned as the official First Officer on stardate 95376.73
Promoted to Captain in 2018 by Sol Sector Command
Promoted to Rear Admiral and appointed Chief of Staff for Starfleet Sol Sector Command Council on stardate 96350.97

Lieutenant Commander C. Brunelle
Chief Science Officer

In her journey to boldly go where no one has gone before, and pursue knowledge through exploration, Lt. Commander Brunelle brought her whole family aboard the USS Narragansett where she indulges in learning and researching all things science. While she doesn’t see herself tampering with spore drives any time soon, she loves to explore the strange and unusual and find reasonable scientific explanations.

You’ll find her in the lab or perusing the ship’s computer for peer-reviewed journal articles as often as you’ll find her battling hostile entities on the holodeck (aka playing Destiny 2 on the PS4).

Lieutenant Commander J. Bender
Chief Engineering Officer

Jaime is a true child of the stars. She was born of parents from two ends of the galaxy. Jaime’s father was born and raised on a mining asteroid in the Main Belt, biggest in the milky way. Her mother was born aboard an early galaxy class star-ship and raised into Starfleet.

Jaime’s early life was spent on space-stations with her now engineer father. Jaime’s mother was a chief medical officer for an Aurora Class science vessel. Her father was attentive but hard working and so was rarely home. Jaime’s father often talked about a future where Jaime would be the one “keeping the lights on” as her father would always say. Jaime’s interests laid within the stars however.

At the age of 15 Jaime was introduced to a Junior Officers Training Candidacy (JOTC) through a primary school program. Jaime’s mother disapproved of the choice. While supporting the idea of candidacy, the tests and rigors pointed distinctly toward a physical discipline. Medical charts and medicines paled in comparison to marksmanship and martial arts. Jaime’s father was disappointed in the career choice but wholly supported the career path.

Jaime’s time at The Academy was marked and distinguished. She did not finish in the top of her class due to a lack of interest in sciences. The record books have Jaime’s name stamped all throughout however. Most notable among these were the longest endurance run (longest run with 100kg. on back) at 141.62km. Many of the combat instructors use her as an example to new recruits of what can be accomplished by neophytes with an iron will.

Jaime took over the position of Chief Engineer in 2018. In recognition of exemplary service to Starfleet, Sol Sector Command and the USS Narragansett she was promoted to Lieutenant Commander in January of 2019.

Commander D. Knotts

Chief Security Officer

I am the Captain’s son and to most people they would think I get things given to me, and the truth is he’s even harder on me because I’m his son. He pushes me to do my best and I feel I do him justice every time but more about me, I’m a Boy Scout and to currently go to Toll Gate High School and I’m in the vocational tech program there doing Cisco Networking. I try and live a very positive and happy life and I do every day.

I was born in California and lived there till I was 5 then moved to New York and lived there till I was 11 and now I’m currently living in Rhode Island. I am a huge music enthusiast and I love music with a passion, and a lot of the people I worked with at Yawgoog scout reservation knew me as Knotts because of the fact my last name is easier to say than my first.

Lieutenant Junior Grade N. Knotts

Formerly a Specialist 4th Class US Army. Was 95B Military Police in the Army National Guard stationed in Washington DC. I was a Pre-school teacher in California after going to College to get my credentials to teach. Worked in that field until retired, I now reside in FORT WAYNE, Indiana.

Cadet Chief Petty Officer 3rd Class K. Ivon

I am the son of the Chief Science Officer, Lieutenant C. Brunelle, and the Nutritionist/ Head Chef, Crewman J. Brunelle on Starfleet vessel U.S.S. NARRAGANSETT NCC-75017 under the command of Fleet Captain J. Knotts. I am currently in training as Cadet CPO 3C  for the M.A.C.O division of our ship. I am the Demolitions Expert (which is funny because my parents are the chief science officer and the head chef and science+cooking=BOOM). I was born in Providence, RI on Earth. I joined starfleet on stardate 95456.3 because I wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself.