The Crew of the USS Narragansett are required to be in uniform at Ship Sponsored Events and Meetings. The minimum requirement for a uniform is a Star Trek Delta Shield. The preferred Delta Shield is the official USS Narragansett Renegades style Delta Shield with Anchor. Also acceptable are Nemesis/DS9 style and TNG Style. Other Delta Shields are allowed, with the caveat that the Delta Shield should match the era of the uniform being worn. Black BDU pants are advised as pockets come in handy here on Earth.

You may elect to wear a full Starfleet uniform. If you do, the preferred uniform is Star Trek Nemesis/Late DS9 style. Also acceptable are Voyager style and TNG style.  Other Star Trek uniforms are allowed, but are not considered official duty uniforms.

You may also elect to wear a black official USS Narragansett Polo and an optional black USS Narragansett ball cap, and black BDU pants or cargo shorts.  FCAPT Knotts can order these from his source, or you can contact Payden & Company on Main Street in East Greenwich.. Payden & Company have the USS Narragansett design on file. You need to ask for the artwork used by Tj Feldman.  http://paydenandcompany.com/

Also acceptable for crew members without any uniform to wear are a polo in your division colors (TNG era, Red for Command, Teal for Sciences and Gold for Services) and a delta shield.

Rank Insignia for Officers can be found in various places on the internet. The preferred pip style is 8mm x 3mm, No crew member may wear a rank above the rank they have earned. Rank insignia must match the era of the uniform. Rank Insignia for enlisted crew members is difficult to find, however we are working on a 3D printed solution.