Commanding Officer Fleet Captain J. Knotts
Executive Officer Captain J. Anzaldi
Second Officer Commander J. Taylor
MACO Division Chief Warrant Officer D. Knotts


Chief Engineering/Operations Officer Commander J. Taylor
Chief Communications Officer Lieutenant E. Dreyfuss
Chief Security Officer Lieutenant M. Anzaldi
Chief Tactical Officer Lieutenant J. Griffin


Chief Medical Officer Commander D. Taylor
Chief Science Officer Lieutenant Commander C. Brunelle
Chief Navigational Officer Cadet Chief Warrant Officer K. Anzaldi

Departmental Logs

Current Stardate 95737.92

Captain’s Log

We have embarked on a top secret mission. FCAPT Knotts and CAPT Anzaldi have been assigned to the USS Enterprise for the duration of the mission. LCDR Brunelle has been assigned to the USS Voyager. Most of the other senior staff have been assigned to other ships as well. A-CMDR Griffin is serving as my …

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Second Officer’s Log

Monthly status reports are almost complete with one outstanding authorized extension. Duty logs have been posted. One personnel issue was dealt with resulting in a demotion. CAPT Anzaldi announced the opening for Chief Engineer. I’m looking forward to seeing many qualified applicants.

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Chief Security Officer’s Log

During the past few weeks my team and I have run through the Security Procedures for Hostile Territories scenarios in the holo deck and we have only had one casualty. The rest of my team was able to appropriately identify the situation at hand and make the proper calls to protect the ship and it’s …

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Chief Medical Officer’s Log

The past month has seen increased traffic to sickbay. As I had a bout of severe Klingon bronchitis, I was forced to engage the EMH in my absence. Never has the need for more staff in sickbay been more apparent. CMO’s log, supplemental I have obtained a new tribble on DS9, while simultaneously finding homes …

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Chief Science Officer’s Log

THIS IS THE ARCHIVED LOG FOR JANUARY FOR LTCMDR BRUNELLE OFTHE USS NARRAGANSETT Week one: The year is off to a good start. Research is going well and we began the month with a detailed situation report to the Bridge Crew about a climate control issue. It shouldn’t snow aboard the ship. Engineering must have …

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Second Officer’s Log

Audio log entry

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Chief Communications Officer’s Log

The communications department will be soliciting ideas and submissions to begin a quarterly newsletter. The hope is to have a first issue compiled and circulated before the April chapter meeting. LT E. Dreyfuss Chief Communications Officer

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Chief Tactical Officer’s Log

As we prepare for our arrival at Khitomer, a full re-calibration of the phaser targeting subsystems is underway. Hopefully, there won’t be a need for the phasers while we are in Klingon space, but one can never be too careful. Tactical drills are to be scheduled twice daily, with additional drills at random intervals. LT …

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Second Officer’s Log

Updated crew roster and bios to reflect the promotions from the January meeting.  Updated CO, XO and SO pages. Appointed to assist Captain Phelps with the S3C Academy. Completed draft of Division of Leadership – Basic Enlisted Officer Exam. Draft has initial approval from Captain Phelps and VADM Kilbey.

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Second Officer’s Log

Requested that all crew members provide updated bios. Details can be found in their direct message database (email). Received updated Bios from 4 additional crew members. Added their information to the ship’s database. Will continue to add entries as crew members provide their information.

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