Commanding Officer: Captain J. Knotts
Fleet Captain Knotts joined STARFLEET on 201406.06. He graduated OTS Honors and OCC Distinction. His first duty assignment was crewman aboard the USS Darwin NCC-1166.

In 2015 was promoted to commander and given command of the USS Narragansett (NX-75017) a Sovereign-class starship for a 10-month shakedown cruise with the support of the USS Nelson to familiarize the crew with the new ship. Due to diligent actions above and beyond by the crew, the shakedown cruise was completed ahead of schedule at 6 months. Knotts was then promoted to Captain and the USS Narragansett was given full commission and its NCC number; NCC-75017.

In 2017 Captain Knotts was appointed additional duties as the Regional Recruitment Officer for Region 15.

Awarded Red Squadron, August 2017

In 2018 he was assigned to lead the 4th Fleet in Zone 1 and promoted to Fleet Captain by Starfleet Sol Sector Command. The USS Narragansett now serves as the flagship of the 4th Fleet.