Executive Officer Captain J. Anzaldi


Species: Vulcan/Human
Birthplace: Earth, Rhode Island, USA
Starfleet Rank: Commander
Current Duty Assignment: First Officer, USS Narragansett NCC-75017

Born on earth in 1984 and raised in New England. The son of a army artillery Sargent from earth, and a well established language arts professor from New Vulcan.

During his time in school he was quick to enlist in the ROTC program which later yielded a short lived but honorable military career in his adult years. After such, he attended college, was married and had 4 children.

Starfleet Record

Enlisted in Starfleet on stardate 94892.46
Graduated Starfleet academy with honors on stardate 95105.87
Commissioned to serve as acting first officer aboard the USS. Narragansett NCC-75017 while completing advanced studies and officer’s command college
Graduated officers command college on stardate 95105.87
Promoted to Commander and commissioned as the official First Officer on stardate 95376.73