The USS Narragansett is always looking for new members.

Some things you should know before you join:

  • We are a meeting chapter based in Rhode Island.
  • Membership dues are currently $2 per month or $24 annually.
  • Cadets and Junior Cadets are welcome in our chapter.
  • Ranks are earned on the USS Narragansett. There is a promotion schedule that requires learning goals and time in rank be met for each promotion.
  • Going beyond the call of duty is sure to get you noticed and extraordinary efforts to improve the chapter will be recognized by the CO and may lead to faster promotions.
  • We place a strong emphasis on education and self-improvement. Our motto is Knowledge through Exploration.
  • The USS Narragansett is a very active chapter. We make heavy use of Facebook to facilitate communications and planning.
  • You may join our chapter without joining STARFLEET at the Commanding Officer’s discretion.
  • STARFLEET membership is highly recommended as it is only $5 annually, and you will not be able to attain a rank above Crewman without completing Officer Training School at STARFLEET Academy. Exceptions may be made for extraordinary service to the chapter.
  • If you are not local and can not attend meetings at least occasionally you will not get much enjoyment out of being a member of our chapter. STARFLEET has many correspondence chapters who are better equipped to handle long distance members, and there are meeting chapters all over the world.

How do I join?

You can join the USS Narragansett right now by joining STARFLEET and choosing the USS Narragansett from the list of available chapters. Membership for STARFLEET is $5 annually. Family memberships are available for up to 6 family members at the same address at a discount. Of course, we always recommend that you round up a little and donate to the scholarship fund. Chapter membership dues will be collected at the next meeting you attend or we can make other arrangements. If you would like to join our chapter without joining STARFLEET, contact Captain Knotts.

Click here to join now!