It’s full name is STARFLEET the International Star Trek Fan Association, Inc., a registered non-profit corporation chartered in North Carolina with a presence world-wide. First and foremost, STARFLEET is a Fan Association. STARFLEET has been around for over 40 years and is the oldest and largest fan-run Star Trek organization in existence. STARFLEET is made up of hundreds of local chapters, and the USS Narragansett is one of them.

STARFLEET is also a Service Organization. The thing that truly sets STARFLEET apart from other fan clubs is our members’ dedication to community service and charitable efforts. We know that we cannot single-handedly bring about Gene Roddenberry’s dream of the utopian Star Trek universe, but we try to make the world a better place for others and ourselves through our efforts.

Another area in which STARFLEET sets itself apart from fan clubs is in its support of education. We raise a lot of money (and donate a lot of money) to our Scholarship Fund. Our scholarships are awarded to members studying in many different fields and are often endowed by the Trek stars they are named for. No other Star Trek fan organization can make that claim.

How do I join?

STARFLEET membership is inexpensive. Membership is $5 annually. Family memberships are available for up to 6 family members at the same address at a discount. Of course, we always recommend that you round up a little and donate to the scholarship fund. If you’d like to join the USS Narragansett, choose it from the list of available chapters when you are joining STARFLEET.

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