Chief Tactical Officer’s Log

The engagement at Deep Space 9 was brief, but devastating.
I was in Torpedo Room 1 when we came under fire. Things went downhill rapidly. I lost four men in the first attack. Consoles were detonating left and right. 
We were able to maintain torpedo capability well in to the engagement, however some sort of cascade failure in structural integrity caused a collapse in the section around the torpedo room. Access was cut off, and I was trapped under some rubble.
I don’t know how long I was unconscious, but when I came around two of my techs had gotten me unburied and had managed to set my broken leg with the emergency osteogenic stimulator.
Once it became obvious that we could not dig our way out, we spent the remainder of our time attempting to establish communications with the bridge. There was a brief, harrowing time when we were trapped with an armed quantum torpedo on the rack, but LTJG Nelson was able to transport it out safely.
We briefly lost communications again, but Engineering was able to get a team to cut through the rubble with plasma cutters. 
As we now sit docked at DS9 and the yard-dogs swarm about the ‘Gansett, I can’t help but ponder my own mortality. Death in the face of the enemy is part of the job. Staring down a live torpedo that could vaporize you and your men, well, that’s not.

Captain’s Log, Supplemental

The USS Narragansett has taken heavy damage. We had to eject the warp core. We suffered many hull breaches and many casualties. Support ships are inbound and we are doing our best to repair what we can with parts on hand. I’m afraid the Commodore will be disappointed with the state of the ship. Life support is stable at 35% and auxiliary power is holding.

We lost a lot of good people today, and the fleet lost many, many ships. I remember when we spent our time exploring the galaxy rather than fighting in wars. I miss those days.

Chief Medical Officer’s Log

I have returned from maternity leave a few days ago. Captain Taylor and I welcomed a new cadet into our family on the 17th of August. Alice Amanda Taylor was 7 lbs 12oz. And 19 inches – came into this world kicking and screaming and hasn’t stopped since.
I find Sickbay in surprisingly good shape and we’ll stocked. Nurse Tribble said she was “just doing my job”. After I get caught up with patient files and reports I will definitely investigate this claim… especially since, among the reports I found that our Nurse T had completed all courses and tests to become a nurse practitioner. All that’s left is a 120 hours of supervised practice. Well, I suppose I can grit my teeth and bear it. I could, after all, use the help.
Chief Medical Officer’s log, supplemental
I walked in on Nurse Tribble wrangling a large, malodorous beast from the nurse’s lounge back into the lab… After having some severe words and issuing serious threats, I got her to confess that it was one of her continued experiments on fungi that… “got a little out of control” and had “a little stroll around the ship”. “He’s really just a harmless, fuzzy, perhaps a little too ambulatory, and overgrown mold…” After some more discouraging words and extra duty assignments she promised she would take better care to keep her experiments contained. I’m the last person to dissuade scientific research, but this is a starship, Not the Island of Dr. Moreau!
Commander Dora Taylor, Chief Medical Officer

Operations Status Report

All Departments report systems operating within normal parameters. Tactical is concerned about the wear on the weapons systems with their current ruining status. I have asked Engineering to increase the frequency of maintenance to compensate.

Department head reports continue to trickle in. It is nice to be back from leave.

Science Status Report

It was an active summer for the Sciences division. Extensive research on wet pressure heat vs. dry roasting heat for primitive anthropology research on 21st century human habit of preparation of carbon based life forms for protein sources. Our results suggest wet, high pressure with CH3CO-OH and crushed dried herbaceous plants and NaCl, followed by dry roasting over open flame with a wet, spicy blend of fruits and sugars is a sensorily pleasant way to prepare the ribs of a porcine life form.

Some emergency physics research involving shuttle craft and low speed impacts with solid immovable objects. Our department is still recovering the resources from that one.
Many of our experiments resulted in trips to sick bay. Will attempt to do more virtual experimentation in the holodeck vs. Practical experimentation in the future. Except with that anthropological research because it turns out that primitive carbon based porcine life forms are delicious.

Working with engineering on severe temperature and humidity fluctuations, which seem to have settled for the time being.


Cyn Brunelle, Sciences

Engineering Status Report

  • Alpha/Beta Teams A and B have been continually working on the warp core and enhancing its functionality. Happy to report that all is going well and we are functioning at near 100%
  • A/B/G Primary has been working on a new way for our replicators to work more efficiently. I should have a more detailed report for you for next month.
  • Gamma Teams A and B had been working on the malfunctioning environmental systems. I am pleased to report they figured out why they were emitting so much heat and have fixed the issues.
  • A/B/G Team C has been diligently keeping track of weapons systems, as well as the displays to keep them in tip top shape.

Captain’s Log

We have embarked on a mission to Deep Space 9 to quell some trouble there. Details are slim, and I have a feeling that there is more to this mission than meets the eye. Admiral Anzaldi and Commodore Knotts have stayed on Titan to handle some pressing fleet business. I will need to rely heavily on Commanders Brunelle and Griffin as I have pressing fleet business of my own, but I know they are up to the job. My expectation is for the crew to perform admirably, as they always do.

Security Status Report

The security on our ship has been exceptional since my last report. I’ve taken a lot of time to do lots of security checks and fix things that needed to be fixed. I have had security personal go through guard duty and weapons training. We have also checked weapons to make sure everything is safe and functioning properly. All new security team members security clearances have been updated, and old security team members clearances have been revoked and terminated.

Due to insubordination a crew member was launched out of a torpedo tube and will spend his life sentence marooned on an unknown planted.

Lieutenant Commander M. Anzaldi, Chief Security Officer

September 2018 Meeting of the USS Narragansett

Stardate: 96326.35

Meeting called to order by Captain Anzaldi


Fleet Captain Knotts states his role is Deputy Zone Commander of zone one in charge of the second and fourth fleets

Captain Anzaldi is announced to have applied for the role of Chief of Staff

Should Captain Anzaldi take on this role he would be leaving the chapter and the Narragansett would be his ambassadorial vessel and Fleet Captain Knotts would be promoted to his deputy

The Narragansett would become a federation ship

SECOND ORDER OF BUSINESS: Starfleet Reaffirmation

Fleet Captain Knotts announced that Starfleet is to be used for the academy only

Still encouraging people to join starfleet to use the academy


There will be a table at the convention for the Narragansett

Volunteers are needed to sit at the table

Fleet Captain Knotts pointed out that Chief Warrant Officer 5 Knotts and Chief Warrant Officer 4 Anzaldi will be at the table during the show


Fleet Captain Knotts requested that crew members get out into the community and recruit new members

The crew was asked to also keep a lookout for events that can be attended


Seasonal variants of crew uniforms was brought up

Summer variant being a polo with the color of your division and your delta shield and black shorts

Possible change from black pants to black bdu pants

Ball caps are allowed if it bears the Narragansett logo


Lieutenant Junior Grade Bender stated that there was a poll to choose a name for the newsletter that went unanswered

Fleet Captain Knotts requested that the crew all try to submit a name for the newsletter


Fleet Captain Knotts stated that the crew will be returning to regular monthly reports

It was stated that the Narragansett is located at Starbase 218 and is currently undergoing repairs


Fleet Captain Knotts requested the crew be on the lookout for charities that we can support

Stipulations being the charity cannot be deity based

Captain Anzaldi recommended that the crew ask people to log onto facebook to check out the organization and the ship

Lieutenant Commander C. Brunelle stated that the Izzy foundation has a purple room where they have different people come in to meet the kids

Captain Analdi made it the task of the lieutenant Commander to collect the necessary information


Fleet Captain Knotts has all the delta shields in a box ready to be assembled

They will be brought to the next meeting so the crew can see what is there


Fleet Captain Knotts requested all crew members without a bio to send one in as soon as possible

The database is in disarray currently on the starfleet page so one will be on the Narraganett’s page.

Duty forms have been added as well

Captain Anzaldi will post a link to the drive page for the crew members who have a duty to perform

Those who are not on the duty roster will be unable to view the document

It will link in to the webpage to be a service record


Lieutenant Emily Dreyfuss promoted to Lieutenant Commander

Crewman Matthew Giordano promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade

Ensign First Class Mathew Nelson promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade

Lieutenant Marissa Anzaldi promoted to Lieutenant Commander

Meeting Concluded