Chief Engineer’s Log

Well, we had some unusual happenings between Engineering and the Medical Office.  My crewman, Redmond Shert, reported to me that he was feeling quite unwell.  I took one look at him and I personally escorted him to Sickbay, and informed Dr. Taylor about his sickness.

I then left to go and check on my other crewmen, who were working, once again, on the environmental controls.  Everything was going to plan there, when I was recalled to Sickbay.  Apparently, their bio bed was malfunctioning.  When I got there and checked out the bio bed, it was quite confusing.  There didn’t seem to be anything mechanically wrong with the bed!  It was then that Dr. Taylor insisted that Nurse Tribble take some samples of my blood, as well as the rest of those in Sickbay.  Turns out, we were all infected with this same virus that had taken hold of Crewman Shert.  I wasn’t feeling sick, but I could tell something was a bit off. 

Dr. Taylor quarantined the entire Sickbay at this time and requested blood samples from around the ship.  We soon found out that every person on the ship was infected!  Dr. Taylor immediately ordered Nurse Tribble to do some medical tests on Crewman Shert and proceeded to attach herself to her computer, trying to figure out what this virus was, and how to counteract it.

To my surprise, she found out that this virus could not only affect humans, but could also be transferred to machines!  This was all I needed to try and attempt to fix the bio bed, and I got right on it.   I could hear Nurse Tribble saying something about engineering, but I was head first in a bio bed and not coming up for air until I figured out the issue, I was so close!  Before long, I started feeling the effects of the virus. But I hadn’t the time to be sick as this virus had started traveling via the computer to the rest of the whole ship!

I dug in my heels and went straight to the computer system, trying to purge the virus from it, while dripping with sweat and losing control over myself.   I saw Nurse Tribble bringing out some very old medical equipment (I must remember to go and check that stuff out, it’s fascinating!) and shortly thereafter, declare that she had a fix for the virus, and it was none too soon, I could hardly move anymore.

Nurse Tribble injected Crewman Shert and there was a reaction.  An odd vapor seemed to fill the room, as though you poured water on a shuttlecraft’s engine, while it was still hot.  It was then that I lost consciousness. 

When I, and apparently the rest of those in Sickbay, came too, Crewman Shert was missing.  I went to the computer to locate him and the only response the computer gave was that he was reassigned.  Reassigned?  In the middle of all of this? 

The good news was that the whole ship was cured, but there is still this curiosity of my missing Crewman.  Red Shert, where ever you are, I hope you’re doing well.

Official notice commissioning


From the office of the Chief of Staff. Starfleet Sol Sector Command:

Effective immediately, the federation starship USS. NARRAGANSETT NCC-75017, due to irrepribal damage, and age of technology, is to be hereby decommissioned from service in STARFLEET SOL SECTOR COMMAND. Her crew is to at this time, disembark, and turn the vessel over to Starfleet Phoenix yards to be restored, and transported to the Federation museum shipyards, and placed on display as a war time relic. 

At this time a replacement vessel in the fleet must be assigned. With this being stated, it is hereby granted on authority of the command council of STARFLEET SOL SECTOR COMMAND, That a Federation Soverign style, type 2 refit dreadnaught, intimidator class vessel is requisitioned for service, and granted.

At this time the vessel shall come to serve in Starfleet under a most fitting name, and is hereby commissioned:


Attention Narragansett crew! At this time you are to report for duty on this vessel.



This vessel will serve as the main Flagship for the offices of the CHIEF, AND VICE CHIEF OF STAFF FOR STARFLEET SOL SECTOR COMMAND.

While not on the vessel, it is under the command of Second Officer, CAPT. JEREMY TAYLOR.


RADM.J. Anzaldi


Starfleet Sol Sector command

September 2018 Meeting of the USS Narragansett

Stardate: 96326.35

Meeting called to order by Captain Anzaldi


Fleet Captain Knotts states his role is Deputy Zone Commander of zone one in charge of the second and fourth fleets

Captain Anzaldi is announced to have applied for the role of Chief of Staff

Should Captain Anzaldi take on this role he would be leaving the chapter and the Narragansett would be his ambassadorial vessel and Fleet Captain Knotts would be promoted to his deputy

The Narragansett would become a federation ship

SECOND ORDER OF BUSINESS: Starfleet Reaffirmation

Fleet Captain Knotts announced that Starfleet is to be used for the academy only

Still encouraging people to join starfleet to use the academy


There will be a table at the convention for the Narragansett

Volunteers are needed to sit at the table

Fleet Captain Knotts pointed out that Chief Warrant Officer 5 Knotts and Chief Warrant Officer 4 Anzaldi will be at the table during the show


Fleet Captain Knotts requested that crew members get out into the community and recruit new members

The crew was asked to also keep a lookout for events that can be attended


Seasonal variants of crew uniforms was brought up

Summer variant being a polo with the color of your division and your delta shield and black shorts

Possible change from black pants to black bdu pants

Ball caps are allowed if it bears the Narragansett logo


Lieutenant Junior Grade Bender stated that there was a poll to choose a name for the newsletter that went unanswered

Fleet Captain Knotts requested that the crew all try to submit a name for the newsletter


Fleet Captain Knotts stated that the crew will be returning to regular monthly reports

It was stated that the Narragansett is located at Starbase 218 and is currently undergoing repairs


Fleet Captain Knotts requested the crew be on the lookout for charities that we can support

Stipulations being the charity cannot be deity based

Captain Anzaldi recommended that the crew ask people to log onto facebook to check out the organization and the ship

Lieutenant Commander C. Brunelle stated that the Izzy foundation has a purple room where they have different people come in to meet the kids

Captain Analdi made it the task of the lieutenant Commander to collect the necessary information


Fleet Captain Knotts has all the delta shields in a box ready to be assembled

They will be brought to the next meeting so the crew can see what is there


Fleet Captain Knotts requested all crew members without a bio to send one in as soon as possible

The database is in disarray currently on the starfleet page so one will be on the Narraganett’s page.

Duty forms have been added as well

Captain Anzaldi will post a link to the drive page for the crew members who have a duty to perform

Those who are not on the duty roster will be unable to view the document

It will link in to the webpage to be a service record


Lieutenant Emily Dreyfuss promoted to Lieutenant Commander

Crewman Matthew Giordano promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade

Ensign First Class Mathew Nelson promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade

Lieutenant Marissa Anzaldi promoted to Lieutenant Commander

Meeting Concluded

What’s coming this fall for the USS. Narragansett

With the fall rapidly approaching, and the temperatures dropping, The Narragansett is gearing up for her fall missions.

Fist and foremost: The USS. Narragansett will be at this year’s RHODE ISLAND COMICON! we will have an away team on site to show you some of the everyday gear that come standard issue when you are a Starfleet Officer, pose for photos, talk trek, and of course, give you you’re oppertunity to join the ranks of the galaxy’s finest and become a full fledged Starfleet Officer with STARFLEET SOL SECTOR COMMAND! So come on down to the Rhode Island convention center and Dunking donuts center on Nov. 2’nd-4’th and come meet our crew.

Second order of business:

We here at the Narragansett do a ton of in club activities!! We are a very active chapter, with continuous events, gatherings, and appearances. What do we do when we are not out there on away missions? Well, we do what any other Starfleet crew does, we explore the galaxy in our sovereign class starship of course, and we are going to give everyone a way to watch us boldly go. Within the next month we will be launching a YouTube channel for our ship. We will post videos of meetings, and events, and we will be streaming our missions onboard the Narragansett in STO (Star Trek Online)  So you will be able to watch as we seek out new life and new civilizations. We will also, starting this month, have a new feature posted to the website. TRACK THE NARRAGANSETT. we will be posting our astrometric position updates directly to the page. This way you can track us as we travel the galaxy, along with current mission updates.

This in addition to us posting our duty logs so, you can see from the eyes of an officer serving on a federation ship.

Keep hailing frequencies open as we will be adding additional events and dates to our calendar as the fall season progresses.

End transmission…..

Summer updates!

The summer of 2018 was a hectic summer for us.

we were able to do several events this summer such as the Gaspee Days Festival in Warwick, and the Rhode Island Air Show in Quonset.

Each month contained our standard meeting, where updates to the zone, and fleets were discussed, as well as crew updates, and some birthday and social gatherings.


April Meeting of the USS Narragansett

The meeting was called to order at 1515 at the EWG JSHS Library with Fleet Captain Knotts presiding.

He brought us up to speed on the happenings in SFI R15. The Regional Coordinator has resigned effective June 1st and nominations are open. So far the captain is aware of 3 people who have announced their candidacy, himself included. He is hopeful that the Region will consider our success and listen to his platform rather than the RC election becoming a popularity contest.

S3C is continuing to work on improving communication and reporting as well as developing their Academy.

Lieutenant Bender announced a contest to name the USS Narragansett newsletter. Please provide your entries within the next two weeks. There will be a prize for the successful entry.

Commander Taylor explained that there is a New Members Guide to the USS Narragansett and an associated Questionnaire and Exam on our website. All members are requested to complete the exam before the next meeting.

Captain Anzaldi told us about a new simulation tool he would like us to investigate. He will post a link later today.

A general discussion was had around upcoming events. Our next meeting will be held at the Fleet Captain’s quarters on May 26th, where we will complete the assembly of the Delta Shields and then have an away mission to recruit at the Gaspee Days Arts and Crafts festival.

We are also planning an away mission to the Air Show on June 9th.

Lieutenant Dreyfuss mentioned that the Foxwoods ComiCONN is June 30-July 1st. Altered Reality is looking for volunteers, and the Narragansett will also have a table at the show that will need to be staffed as well.

Chief Chapasko is also looking into the possibility of an away mission to do laser tag to prepare for upcoming missions.

March Meeting of the USS Narragansett

The meeting was held at the Exeter-West Greenwich High School Library. This was one of the largest turnouts we’ve seen for a meeting and we were excited to see some new members join us for the first time.

Commander Taylor brought the meeting to order at 1515. Captain Anzaldi introduced Fleet Captain Knotts who presided over the meeting. Captain Knotts brought us up to speed as to the latest happenings on the Fleet level. He mentioned the the USS Narragansett is setting the standard for other ships to meet.

A new mission was announced for this month. It is a diplomatic mission and details will be released soon. Stay tuned to the Narragansett Crew group on Facebook for details.

Crewmen Clauson and Feldman were promoted to Ensign. Crewman DeMello was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and assigned as the Ship’s Counselor. Lieutenant Griffin was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and officially appointed as Chief Tactical Officer.

Commendations were presented to many members who participated in the Archaeology Fleet One mission.

Plans for the newsletter were announced. Photos were taken of all of the members present at the meeting as well as a group picture. A good time was had by all.

Official USS Narragansett Combadge

*****Attention All Crew*****
The Official USS Narragansett Combadge, The Renegades Combadge with the anchor affixed to it, is available for purchase. This Combadge comes in a kit form and will be painted and assembled at subsequent chapter meetings after the kits are received.

The total price is $20 if we order together as a group. Money for the Combadge kit will be collected over the next 2 months. It is STRONGLY encouraged that EVERY crew member take part in this, if you already have a Renegades Combadge the anchor device will be added during the construction phase.

Direct any questions concerning this to your Section Chief.

February 2018 Meeting of the USS Narragansett

The February meeting of the USS Narragansett was held at the EWG Jr/Sr High Library. There were many members in attendance. CAPT Anzaldi brought the meeting to order at 1510 with FCPT Knotts presiding.

FCPT Knotts brought us up to speed on the happenings in Sol Sector Command, letting us know that the 4th Fleet currently has 7 chapters and is the largest fleet in Sol Sector Command. The USS Narragansett is being noticed throughout the sector. Captain Knotts also mentioned the opening for the position of Chief Engineer.  Any crew member interested in applying should contact CMDR J. Taylor.

CAPT Anzaldi gave us our mission overview for the month. This mission will be the largest and most complex mission that this ship has undertaken. It is a multiple point mission which will require all the departments to not only work individually, but also together to complete the overall mission goal. It promises to be a very interesting mission and all members of the crew are encouraged to participate as fully as possible. The mission briefing will be provided over secure comms as the details are classified.

FCAPT Knotts announced a plan for all the members of the ship to obtain official USS Narragansett Comm Badges.  The Official Narragansett Combadge, The Renegades Combadge with the anchor affixed to it, is available for purchase. This Combadge comes in kit form and will be painted and assembled at subsequent chapter meetings after the kits are received.

The total cost for the kit is $24.00 including shipping. When we get an accurate count of the number of badges being ordered a bulk price MAY be available. Money for the Combadge kit will be collected over the next 2 months. It is STRONGLY encouraged that EVERY crew member take part in this, if you already have a Renegades Combadge the anchor device will be added during the construction phase. Direct any questions concerning this to your Section Chief.

CMDR J. Taylor announced that at the recommendation of Communications Chief LT Dreyfus, CRMN Feldman has been placed in charge of creating a quarterly newsletter for the USS Narragansett.

Dues were collected from the members in attendance and the meeting was adjourned at 16:15.

January Meeting of the USS Narragansett

The January meeting of the USS Narragansett was held on Saturday, January 13th at 1400. There were many members in attendance. Fleet Captain J. Knotts brought the meeting to order and welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Captain J. Anzaldi brought us up to speed on the ship’s location (New Providence) and our course in hostile territory checking on Federation outposts over the next 4 months.

FCPT Knotts announced that there had been several promotions over the past few weeks. Cadet Master Chief Petty Officer D. Knotts was promoted to Chief Warrant Officer 5 and assigned to lead the MACO team in light of CWO5 Chapasko’s leave of absence. Cadet Master Chief Petty Officer was promoted to Cadet Chief Warrant Officer 4 and assigned to be 2IC of the MACO unit.

FCAPT Knotts announced the following well deserved promotions of Members in attendance:

LTCDR -> Commander J. Taylor – Command gap promotion
LTCDR -> Commander D. Taylor – Earned Merit and Honored Service
LT -> Lieutenant Commander C. Brunelle – Earned Merit and Honored Service

CAPT Anzaldi announced the following well deserved promotions of Members not in attendance:

CRM -> Crewman 1st Class R. Lefebvre – Time in grade
CRM -> Crewman 1st Class S. Moulton – Time in grade
CRM -> Crewman 1st Class A. Harter – Time in grade
CRM -> Crewman 1st Class J. Franks – Time in grade
CAD4 -> Cadet Ensign S. Stogner – Time in grade and Notable Service
CAD-> Cadet 1st Class A. Guertin – Academic Achievement and Notable Service

All promotions come with the blessing, “May the great bird of the galaxy have mercy on your soul.”

FCPT Knotts discussed his new role as Commander of the 4th Fleet, Zone 1 (which covers the entire Eastern Time Zone) of Starfleet, Sol Sector Command which makes the USS Narragansett his flagship. The USS Narragansett is currently associated with two parent organizations. We will continue under the charter of both organizations and enjoy the benefits that both have to offer. STARFLEET has several offerings that we enjoy for a low annual membership fee, and Starfleet, Sol Sector Command is building their own programs as well with no membership dues at all. We will continue to actively participate in both organizations until such time that the membership of the chapter chooses to do otherwise.

FCPT Knotts also discussed the Chain of Command. All crew members are assigned to Departments and those departments have department heads who are there for you to ask questions of, seek advice from, and coordinate your ship activities with. While it is fine to engage the senior officers in pleasant conversation, it is not appropriate to bypass your department head and ask questions of the senior officers that should be handled by your department head. If your issue can’t be resolved by your department head, it will be forwarded up the chain of command. If you have a problem with your department head, CMDR J. Taylor or CAPT Anzaldi would be the appropriate ones to reach out to.

CMDR Taylor stated that all crew members should have received an email from him. If they have not, they should reach out to him directly to determine if there is a problem with the email address he has on file.

FCAPT Knotts is putting together a list of recommendations where uniforms and accessories can be obtained. CMDR Taylor will list them on the website in the near future.