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Jaime is a true child of the stars. She was born of parents from two ends of the galaxy. Jaime’s father was born and raised on a mining asteroid in the Main Belt, biggest in the milky way. Her mother was born aboard an early galaxy class star-ship and raised into Starfleet. Jaime’s early life was spent on space-stations with her now engineer father. Jaime’s mother was a chief medical officer for an Aurora Class science vessel. Her father was attentive but hard working and so was rarely home. Jaime’s father often talked about a future where Jaime would be the one “keeping the lights on” as her father would always say. Jaime’s interests laid within the stars however. At the age of 15 Jaime was introduced to a Junior Officers Training Candidacy (JOTC) through a primary school program. Jaime’s mother disapproved of the choice. While supporting the idea of candidacy, the tests and rigors pointed distinctly toward a physical discipline. Medical charts and medicines paled in comparison to marksmanship and martial arts. Jaime’s father was disappointed in the career choice but wholly supported the career path. Jaime’s time at The Academy was marked and distinguished. She did not finish in the top of her class due to a lack of interest in sciences. The record books have Jaime’s name stamped all throughout however. Most notable among these were the longest endurance run (longest run with 100kg. on back) at 141.62km. Many of the combat instructors use her as an example to new recruits of what can be accomplished by neophytes with an iron will. Jaime took over the position of Chief Engineer in 2018. In recognition of exemplary service to the USS Narragansett she was promoted to Lieutenant Commander in January of 2019. Sol Sector Command: Jaime was appointed Assistant Director of Technology for Sol Sector Command and granted the rank of Commander in June 2019