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Taylor served as Chief Engineer of the USS Narragansett for 6 months before transferring to Operations and being promoted to Second Officer. In June of 2019 he was promoted to Executive Officer on the USS Narragansett. Taylor currently serves as the USS Narragansett’s webmaster and as the Director of the College of US History and Assitant Director of the Starfleet Officer’s Radio School at STARFLEET Academy. Taylor is also a licensed Amateur Radio Operator K1JST. Taylor is married to our Chief Medical Officer Commander D. Taylor and has two children, Junior Cadet O. Taylor and Junior Cadet A. Taylor. Their crew quarters are in Coventry, RI. Prior to joining STARFLEET Commander Taylor worked at several planet-side educational and news organizations on Earth serving as their head of technology. Awarded Red Squadron August 2018 Sol Sector Command: Promoted to Captain and assigned to Fleet Chief of Staff’s Office as Director of Online Media/Technology Starfleet Sol Sector Command, October, 2018. Promoted to Commodore and assigned to Earth Station Titan Engineering Services as Director of Computer and Starship/Station Technologies, Sol Sector Command, December, 2018 Transferred to Command and assigned as Technology Director for Sol Sector Command, June 2019