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Species: Vulcan/Human Birthplace: Earth, Rhode Island, USA Born on earth in 1984 and raised in New England. The son of a army artillery Sargent from earth, and a well established language arts professor from New Vulcan. During his time in school he was quick to enlist in the ROTC program which later yielded a short lived but honorable military career in his adult years. After such, he attended college, was married and had 4 children. Starfleet Record Enlisted in Starfleet on stardate 94892.46 Graduated Starfleet academy with honors on stardate 95105.87 Commissioned to serve as acting first officer aboard the USS. Narragansett NCC-75017 while completing advanced studies and officer’s command college Graduated officers command college on stardate 95105.87 Promoted to Commander and commissioned as the official First Officer on stardate 95376.73 Assigned as Asst. Second Officer on stardate 97081.14